Organic Synthesis R&D Engineer

1. Chemistry, chemical engineering, pharmacy and other related majors;

2. Bachelor degree or above (master degree is preferred);

3. More than 3 years of work experience, solid professional knowledge, proficient in consulting Chinese and English literature on various chemical and chemical industries

4. Have strong experimental hands-on ability and ability to analyze and solve problems, and be able to independently carry out multi-step organic synthesis experiments;

5. Have good professional ethics and teamwork spirit, self-motivated and enterprising;

Assistant R&D Engineer

1. Assist engineers in the preliminary technical data research work, assist in the collection and storage of relevant documents and records, etc.;

2. Assist R&D engineers to complete the development, screening and optimization of organic synthesis processes;

3. Assist in the completion of product research and development small test, pilot test and other verification;

4. Cooperate with the department to complete other related work;

Catalyst Development Engineer

1. Catalytic chemistry, physical chemistry, industrial catalysis and related professional master students;

2. Have a good basic theoretical knowledge of catalysis, understand the reaction mechanism, characteristics and control of catalysts, and be familiar with the preparation, evaluation and characterization of catalysts;

3. Experience in operating fixed bed reactors or autoclaves and distillation towers is preferred;

4. Those who have factory practice work experience and have participated in or presided over catalyst scale-up experiments are preferred;

5. Familiar with the principles of chemical engineering, experience in organic synthesis is preferred;

Microchannel Reaction R&D Engineer

1. Master students in chemistry, applied chemistry, organic chemistry and related majors;

2. Have good basic theoretical knowledge of organic chemistry, have used microchannel reactors or other continuous flow reactions, and can operate equipment independently;

3. Candidates with microchannel reaction project development experience are preferred;

4. Familiar with the principles of chemical engineering, experience in organic synthesis is preferred;

Chemical Process Engineer

1. Cooperate with technical R&D personnel and production to build or improve chemical process engineering design to meet the production needs of factories;
2. Study the key issues and bottlenecks of engineering scale-up from small laboratory test to actual production, and solve engineering-related problems in scale-up production;
3. Continuously improve the existing process, solve practical problems in production, have the concept of process development and optimization, be familiar with process simulation calculation, material accounting and heat balance calculation;
4. Conceptual design of process development and optimization, including process simulation calculation, material balance and heat balance calculation, drawing process PFD diagram, etc.;

Chemical Process Assistant Engineer

1. Assist the process engineer in the process engineering design, and solve a series of factory-related problems such as process design, equipment selection, flow calculation, and automatic control under the guidance of the engineer;
2. Carry out chemical process calculations and select equipment and instruments according to the process flow and control plan.

3. Assist various majors (civil engineering, electrical, instrumentation, structure, etc.) to carry out their work.

4. Use Aspen plus, AutoCAD and other chemical professional software for design and calculation;

International trade clerk

1. Regularly release products and develop new customers through multiple channels;

2. According to customer needs, coordinate with the factory to complete the order, or find a suitable buyer to complete the procurement work;

3. Organize and follow up the documents, coordinate and deal with all the problems in the process of order;

4. Completion and implementation of monthly and annual sales targets;

5. Actively develop international business, regularly visit and receive customers, and participate in domestic and foreign exhibitions;

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